My main client's main client
You read that right.

North Events is an Seattle-based event management company. Their list of credentials is expansive but, in a nutshell: they plan and execute high profile events for high profile companies, all over the world. They're also one of my favorite and longest-standing clients to date.
The project: Create a visually-appealing response to a Request For Proposal for North Events' largest client.
The challenge: While creative freedom is music to a designer's ears, the short deadline for this project made effective and efficient decision-making imperative. Any revisions would need to focus on copy or content and not on visual assets.
The focus: Casual but professional verbiage (we brought a copywriter on board), minimal and sleek design that would appeal to the end client's brand while still appearing to come from North Events, and lightning fast revisions for an on-time delivery.
NOTE: Some content has been replaced with filler text, generic images, or blurred for the sake of the end clients' confidentiality agreements.

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