Florida-based dance studio "Karl and DiMarco" has a rich history of theatrical dance education and performance. The Legacy and Vision sections elaborate on the delicacy required to honor the brand's past while looking ambitiously to the future. A colleague of mine, Arielle Zadok, connected me with K&D South studio owner, Shea Alvarez. Arielle had already lead Shea through the brand discovery process and needed someone to turn the vision into a reality by developing all necessary brand assets for the studio. Once "South" was complete, it was time to bring "North" owner, Robyn Hurlburt on board to customize certain elements for her studio.
Working with these women was such a pleasure. I was inspired to be in the weekly (virtual) conference room with such talented and visionary business professionals and it lead me to push myself to present ideas and concepts with a higher standard than ever before; I'm proud of the effort I exerted.
It's become one of my favorite projects of my career, to date and I'm thrilled to share it with the Bēhance community.
Karl & DiMarco has been a premiere dance studio in Tampa Bay for the past 45 years. Established by Bob Karl & Sandy DiMarco in 1972, the studio has expanded into two locations and has always been a reputable place for dancers to learn and grow. This year, Karl & DiMarco moved down its path by way of new ownership and leadership. Two lifelong K&D dancers and teachers took over each of the studios and will run them separately, though they remain under the same brand umbrella. This Brand Book is one of the first steps to breathe new life into Karl & DiMarco.
“To inspire and nurture our students through the art of movement, dance and wellness. We aspire to give every student a unique atmosphere that will foster their artistry as well as encourage a lasting confidence and a positive perspective on their health and wellness. Our faculty is committed to providing a memorable experience that will engage all ages. Through our innovative and fresh approaches, we will explore the worlds of dance, movement and wellness as well as create a space for continued inspiration and growth.” 
K&D South wants to bring more than fresh, innovative, state of the art dance classes to their students - they want to create an atmosphere that encompasses a holistic approach to movement. K&D South wants to go beyond dance to offer wellness and movement workshops for all ages. Creating additional ways to use the studio space as a creative hub for artistry, connection, growth and wellness. Anything from yoga and crystal healing workshops to dance birthday parties, strength training and healthy eating courses have a place at K&D South. Everything connects back to supporting each and every dancer find their creativity, expand their knowledge, refine their talent and lead a healthy, joyful life. 
Legacy, Mission and Vision copy developed and written by Arielle Zadok and Shea Alvarez, 2017
© Adriana Boring, 2017 | | @adrianaboring
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